Our Vision :
To create awareness among the students on environment and environmental care towards a green future.
Our Motto :
1. To promote environmental awareness and enhance the concepts.
2. Support the principles of environmental awareness through managing and following up implementations.
3. Setting up the general policies, preparing plans and programs for protecting the environment.

As per the vision of the Principal, “The curriculum will not be textbook driven or fragmented, but will be thematic, project based and integrated, skills and context shall not be taught as an end in themselves, but students shall learn them through their research and application in their projects. Textbook shall be just one of the many resources”. Eco club was officially inaugurated on January 26th 2012 by the Ex President of the school Management Committee, Mr. V. S. Sunil.

According to the words of the Vice Principal, “The growth of the school which has been recorded in glittering colors gives me a sense of elation and pride. And we try to stimulate our students to put in extra ordinary effort in order to make winners out of them”. The Eco club takes initiative steps in saving the environment in all aspects.

Under the valuable guidance of the President of the School management committee Mr. Cyril Samuel and his team, a remarkable progress has been achieved in a short span of time.

In addition, Mr. Unnikrishnan, head of the department of Social Science and other members of the department extended their cooperation in all our activities.

Samuel E. John,

Our Activities & Achievements
Inauguration :
On the day of Eco Club inauguration on January 26, 2012, 30 saplings were planted in the school premises in connection with 30th year celebration of our school. Mr. Manpreet Singh, President of the Indian Social Club, Salalah, planted the first sapling followed by the President of school Management Committee Mr. V.S. Sunil, Principal Mr. T R Brown, Vice Principal Mrs. Omana Mathews, other members of the School Management committee, other dignitaries, and senior staff members of the school and Eco Club members.
Weather Recording
On a regular basis, every working day, Eco Club students are recording the following weather conditions.
1. Surface Temperature
2. Relative Humidity
3. Maximum & Minimum Temperature
This helps the students to know the weather condition of Salalah.
In order to take accurate readings, a Digital Thermometer has been fixed at the school premises.
Student participated in the World Environment Day Celebration and won First prize in the Middle East

Master Vikas Kumawat of Class 8 awarded first in Photography, Group-B category in connection with World Environment Day Celebrations organized by Kaint Foundation, Qatar on the theme of UNEP ‘Green Economy : Does it Include You?

Students got first 3 places in the World Environment Day contest conducted by United Nations’ Project Earth network.

Project Earth is a global environmental education network that called for entries from around the globe to get the younger generation grow up with awareness to the role they play in saving the earth for the future. The competition was titled ‘2012 World Environment Day global school contest.’

On behalf of Project Earth participation in the 2012 World Environment Day Contest, 256 projects returned from our school.

For this contest the top environmental project from each participating country was announced at the RIO +20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on June 20th..

The top 3 projects finalists of Oman were backed by our school students.

First place : Hridith Sudev (Project Green Oman : The Greener Nature, Better Future)

Second Place : Srihari Viswajit (Project Salalah)

Third Place : Kiruthika Elancheran (Project Our Earth)